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South Carolina: Fellowship Honors Impact of Longtime Athletic Trainer

A look of surprise washed over the longtime athletic trainer Mr. Brainard Cooper’s face as family, friends, colleagues and University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health faculty members unveiled the Brainard Cooper Athletic Training Fellowship on April 20 at Founders Park.

As a preceptor, Mr. Cooper oversaw the hands-on education of multiple undergraduate students who aspired to be athletic trainers. He worked 12-30 hours per week with the students and made sure they implemented in real settings what they learned in class. He also worked as a supervisor to certified athletic trainers going through the post-professional program to earn a Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training.

As a result, Mr. Cooper touched the lives of many students who went through the Arnold School of Public Health’s renowned athletic training programs (professional and post-professional programs), which have produced athletic trainers who went on to impact individuals, communities and athletic programs.

What Mr. Cooper thought was only a pregame celebration for his 35 years as a devoted athletic trainer for the University of South Carolina turned into a surprise announcement of the fellowship named in his honor. The funds will support the athletic training graduate programs at the Arnold School, which boasts two No. 1 sport science programs, including exercise science and athletic training.

The fellowship will include support for students and faculty in addition to equipment and other needs. Having his name on the award is fitting after years of work by Mr. Cooper to impact the athletic training programs and countless future athletic trainers he helped mold while they were at South Carolina.

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