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Partner News

SOPHE Announces Paper of the Year Awards

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) celebrates the authors of its three peer-reviewed journals, who were selected as publishing the best manuscripts in 2017 out of hundreds of submissions. Each of the award-winning authors were recognized at SOPHE’s 69th Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, while their manuscripts are available open access on the journals’ websites.

Health Education & Behavior‘s (HE&B) Lawrence W. Green Paper of the Year Award recognizes a literature contribution that exemplifies the highest level of scholarship and makes a singularly important contribution to the literature of the field. This year’s award was presented to Dr. Megan A. Lewis; Ms. Tania M. Fitzgerald; Ms. Brittany Zulkiewicz; Dr. Susana Peinado, and Dr. Pamela A. Williams of RTI International, Center for Communication Science, for their paper, “Identifying Synergies in Multilevel Interventions: The Convergence Strategy,” published in Vol. 44(2), April 2017 issue of HE&B.

Health Promotion Practice (HPP) presented the Sarah Mazelis Paper of the Year Award, to “Applying Learning Theory to Safety and Health Training for Hispanic Immigrant Dairy Workers,” published in the Volume 18 (4), July 2017. Authors included are Dr. Patricia M. Juarez-Carrillo; Ms. Amy K. Leibman; Ms. Iris Anne C. Reyes; Ms. Yurany V. Ninco Sanchez; and Dr. Matthew C. Keifer.

HPP editor-in-chief Dr. Kathleen Roe, commented, “We were looking for a paper that would inspire others, that demonstrated the elegance and complexity of effective health promotion while using accessible and transparent language. We valued a strong, logical program, effective and appropriate evaluation, and, most of all, clearly articulated implications for practice.” Look for this award-winning paper to be translated into Spanish in early fall 2018.

The Pedagogy in Health Promotion Paper of the Year Award was presented to Dr. Stephen L. Brown, for his article, “Teaching Economic Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs,” in Volume 3 (3), September 2017. According to PHP Editor-in-chief Dr. Stephen Gambescia, “Brown’s article walks undergraduates through the sometimes dizzying metrics of cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, cost-utility analysis, and return on investment of health promotion programs. Fiscal accountability is at an all-time high for all three sectors of our society and exposing students early to how to value health promotion programs to decision makers is good practice.”

These award-winning articles are available open access on their websites and will be featured throughout the academic year via webinars. SOPHE publishes journals in cooperation with SAGE Publications that are disseminated to more than 2,000 SOPHE members, more than 600 institutions and libraries, and enjoys widespread exposure through consortia arrangements.