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SOPHAS Cycle 10 Opens with New and

ASPPH’s centralized application service, SOPHAS, opened for its tenth cycle on Tuesday with a total of 87 participating members. The SOPHAS application portal has been improved from previous years. Not only did it receive an overall facelift, the new portal allows prospective students to easily enter their personal information, coursework, and supporting documents to apply to schools and programs. In order to match the new design of the SOPHAS portal, also received a facelift. The new streamlines information from the old SOPHAS site and provides seamless navigation of the five sections: apply, events, MySOPHAS, SOPHAS program finder, and FAQs.


MySOPHAS is an Enrollment Management Platform that provides registrants tailored information to help them pursue a degree in public health. MySOPHAS is the portal for information on public health degree programs, financial aid information, interactive applicant checklists, events, and tips for submitting the application. MySOPHAS also allows ASPPH to manage communication campaigns, target unfinished applications, and move prospective students forward in the application process, increasing the number of applicants.

ASPPH members and non-members wishing to learn more about SOPHAS may contact Ms. Allison Foster at