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Member Research & Reports

Louisiana State University: Social Support and Survival Among Young Women with Breast Cancer

Social Support and Breast Cancer are the topics of Dr. Donna Williams, Associate Dean with The Louisiana State University HSC School of Public Health latest study. The Study published in the Health Promotions Practice Sage Journal is titled “A Partnership in Health-related Social Media for Young Breast Cancer Survivors.”

In the United States, about 11 percent (26,393) of those diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 will be young or less than 45 years old. Young breast cancer survivors, compared to older cancer survivors, are a disparate group that experience higher incidence of advanced disease, greater mortality, and poorer quality of life, and are often faced with difficulty locating support that meets the unique needs of young women. The Gulf States Young Breast Cancer Survivor Network, composed of three sister networks, formed a partnership aimed at harnessing the power of social media to reach and impact the lives of young women with breast cancer. The collaborative partnership framework and the power of synergy are shown in merging two existing programs and incorporating a third new program.

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