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Social Determinants of Health Education and Training: Call for Examples

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are calling for submissions of examples of education and training courses and programs for future or current health workers that focus on, or integrate, the social determinants of health. The target audience for the Call are academia in the medicine, public health and education communities. Examples submitted may refer to different learning opportunities including pre-service education, i.e. undergraduate and graduate studies, and in-service training, i.e. continuous professional development.

Health workers include a full range of actors from those involved in policy to clinical or research work. These include: clinicians (e.g. physicians, nurses, midwives, or other allied health workers (e.g. therapists)); other health professions (e.g. pharmacists); people working in public health, including, for example, environmental inspectors and occupational health officers; community health workers; and those involved in health policy, finance, or management.

The purpose of the Call is to publish a collection of examples that describe a range of approaches currently being used to educate and train the health workforce on social determinants of health.  The future publication aims to inspire educators to include the social determinants of health in training curricula and to share innovative methods for learning. By contributing an example, educators will help others across the world to learn from each other, to compare and to improve different educational approaches to teaching the social determinants of health.

Access online form to submit examples.