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SDSU: Professor’s Research Assessing Impact of Hypokyphosis on Fall Risk Published by Osteoporosis International

Dr. Corinne McDaniels-Davidson, San Diego State University School of Public Health, has devoted the last several years of her career researching Hypokyphosis (HK), a life-altering issue affecting 20 to 4o percent of older adults. Dr. McDaniels-Davidson collaborates with Dr. Deborah Kado, a HK physician-researcher at UCSD and local PI of the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study, MrOS. Using measures of kypyhosis that Dr. Kado had implemented in the longitudinal, multi-site MrOS Study, McDaniels-Davidson was able to assess impact of HK on fall risk over time in older men, and was recently published by Osteoporosis International.

A pilot study published in 2017 by McDaniels-Davidson et. al. first examined the association between HK and falls in a small group of older men and women using four measures of HK. The pilot study showed strong associations between falls over one year and all four measures. While interesting, results needed to be confirmed in larger, more representative samples. The more recent MrOS study did just that, examining two different samples of more than 2,000 older men each.

The broader MrOS study was longitudinal, followed with clinic visits and postcards with their fall history every four months. One cohort had HK measured using the Cobb angle, the second cohort was measured using the Blocks method. Each cohort had three years of falls follow-up. A significant association was found when HK was measured by Blocks, while the Cobb angle was not predictive of falls. Although the study was limited to older men, Dr. McDaniels-Davidson and colleagues are documenting findings from a similar, multi-site longitudinal cohort of older women. Together, these papers will provide much-needed insight into the consequences of HK in the aging population.

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