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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

SDSU: Faculty Member Inducted as Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders

San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health researcher, Dr. Jerel Calzo, was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED). The AED recognizes an annual Fellow class for their significant contributions to the field of eating disorders. To receive this honor, a recipient must demonstrate unusual, innovative, and/or pioneering contributions that deserve the recognition of extraordinary in the field. An AED Fellow will have contributed to literature, clinical services and/or prevention, leadership and activities of the AED, and/or proven to be an advocate within government and other major organizations.

Nearly everything studied and understood about the etiology, treatment, and prevention of eating disorders stems from research on girls and women. Dr. Calzo aims to focus on boys and men of diverse sexual orientations to further expand the understanding of this complex topic. Since 2012, Dr. Calzo has steadily published work that has expanded the field’s understanding of the prevalence and manifestation of disordered eating behaviors in males, and how these vary by age, sexual orientation, gender expression, and race/ethnicity. To evaluate these differences, Dr. Calzo utilizes longitudinal research, gender-based analysis frameworks, and finite mixture modeling techniques. Such research has been published in top psychology and public health journals, and has led to outstanding mentorship of postdoctoral fellows as well as co-chairing the Males & Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Academy for Eating Disorders.