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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Saint Louis: Faculty Promotions and Tenures Announced

Dr. Thomas E. Burroughs, dean of the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice,  has announced faculty candidates who were awarded promotion and/or tenure.

“This is a huge accomplishment and reflects years of hard work and excellence in teaching, research and service,” said Dr. Burroughs.

The promotion and tenure process is lengthy, rigorous, and requires many levels of review.

“Candidates are required to submit a very detailed dossier about their teaching, research and service,” Dr. Burroughs said. “Letters of review are obtained from colleagues, students and collaborators.  This information is shared with carefully selected external reviewers who make their own recommendations about promotion/tenure.

“Sequential reviews and recommendations are made by the department committee, department chair, college committee, dean, University Academic Rank and Tenure Committee and, ultimately, the Provost. Typically, not all applications are approved.  Success is recognition of the accomplishments of these individuals.”

Congratulations to the following faculty members:

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