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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Saint Louis: $580,000 grant Awarded to Develop Missouri’s First Academic Health Department

United in their quest to address regional public health gaps and to improve the quality of life, Saint Louis University College of Public Health and Social Justice, City of St. Louis Department of Health and Saint Louis County Department of Public Health are partnering for Missouri’s first Academic Health Department.  Saint Louis University’s Dr. Pamela Xaverius (PI) and Dr. Darcy Scharff (co-PI) have received a $580,000 grant from Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) to develop the required infrastructure for a successful Academic Health Department (AHD). They have partnered with Dr. Spring Schmidt, Saint Louis County Department of Public Health; and Mr. Craig Schmid, City of St. Louis Department of Health on this initiative.

The grant will allow each of the three accredited equal partners to share strengths, while seeking to address gaps such as:  improved public health workforce development; expansion of more rigorous, consistent, and culturally expansive in-the-field student learning activities; cross-teaching/instructions; research data and evidence sharing; and joint policy development; as well as enhanced networking opportunities.

The grant allows Dr. Xaverius and Dr. Scharff, to work in partnership with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health and City of St. Louis Department of Health to develop an AHD that addresses shortages in the public health workforce development; and enhances practice-based training, applied research, and policy focused initiatives. The St. Louis AHD will also help align resources to address public health issues, strengthen processes and experiences of public health internships, and facilitate teaching and networking with the community.