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Member Research & Reports

Rutgers: Study Evaluates Implementation of New York City Law Restricting Sale of Flavored Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products

Rutgers School of Public Health associate professor, Mr. Kevin Schroth, along with colleagues, found  that understanding local experiences implementing a law restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products can inform other laws and regulations at the local, state, or federal level. The study evaluates the implementation and challenges of a New York City (NYC) law restricting sales of flavored tobacco products. The policy was the first of its kind in the United States and passed in October 2009.

The policy aims to reduce youth and young adult initiation and use of tobacco products by reducing access to flavored products. Study authors followed this seminal law through the course of legal defense, implementation, and enforcement. The researchers tracked the law through stakeholder interviews, reviewed legislative and legal records, and analyzed administrative data on retailer inspections and violations. In addition, the study drew from Mr. Schroth’s first-hand experience. Before joining Rutgers, Mr. Schroth was an attorney for the NYC Department of Health, where he was involved in defending this law against a tobacco industry lawsuit and implementing it.

In the future, similar policies can benefit from this evaluation.

“Policy makers who are trying to advance similar policies can use this paper as a roadmap and an educational tool to win legislative support,” said Mr. Schroth, who is also a member of the Center for Tobacco Studies. “Our investigation into NYC’s experience can provide insights regarding policy implementation and enforcement, which may help them to avoid potential setbacks.”

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