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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Rutgers: Introduces 21Phirst Seminar Series (Signature Speakers)

The Rutgers School o f Public Health is thrilled to announce its first group of 21Phirst Seminar Series Signature Speakers.

The speakers are part of the 21PHirst Seminar Series, which supports the School’s core areas of education, research, and community engagement and is guided by the principles of social justice and health equity. Each Signature Speaker, nominated by the School’s departmental chairs, embodies and represents these ideals through their work. The individuals are leaders in their fields, thinking creatively and collaboratively to address the complex health and social issues of the 21st century.

In addition to providing a lecture, Signature Speakers will engage with 21PHirst Century Scholars – recipients of a highly competitive partial tuition scholarship – to discuss their experience, networks, and development opportunities.

The 21PHirst Seminar Series includes additional lectureship opportunities, like Notable Seminars, which are offered throughout the year for visiting scholars.

2020 Speakers Include: 

All 21PHirst Seminars will be recorded and made available on the Rutgers School of Public Health\’s social media accounts (@RutgersSPH).

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