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Student & Alumni Achievements

Rutgers: Doctoral Student Examines Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Victimization Among Young Adults in NYC

A recent Rutgers School of Public Health study examined sexual orientation and gender identity victimization among young adults in New York City.

The study, which was led by doctoral student, Mr. Caleb LoSchiavo, examines the types, contexts, and sources of lifetime sexual orientation and gender identity victimization in a diverse sample of sexual minority men and transgender women as well as the extent to which experiences of those victimized vary among subgroups of the population.

Conducted at the Center for Health, Identity, Behavior and Prevention Studies (CHIBPS), the study assessed sociodemographic characteristics as well as the types, sources, and contexts of physical assault and verbal harassment due to actual or perceived gender or sexuality.

The authors, who include Rutgers School of Public Health dean, Dr. Perry N. Halkitis, found that sexuality and gender violence experiences are not uniform across sexual minority young adults, and thus prevention and care must be targeted.

“LGBTQ people today, with all our intersecting identities, are facing increasing rates of victimization. It is crucial to understand who bears the burden of that violence so we can best support them,” says Mr. LoSchiavo.