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Rutgers Dean Authors Op-Ed on Ongoing Meth Crisis

Rutgers School of Public Health Dean, Dr. Perry N. Halkitis, has authored an op-ed, “The crystal meth crisis: Addiction in America goes beyond opioids,” which ran in the Sunday, September 9, Philadelphia Inquirer.

The op-ed addresses the ongoing Methamphetamine crisis within minority and marginalized populations in light of the growing opioid epidemic.

“I struggle with opioids – not the addiction, but rather America’s reaction to this addiction. I struggle with it because – like so many patterns in American history, today’s opioid crisis harkens back to other pharmaceutically- and financially-induced addictions of the past, including methamphetamine, which many of us know as crystal meth,” begins Dr. Halkitis. “While we often hear about the opioid crisis infiltrating middle class America, we must not forget that crystal meth continues to ravage our minority communities, further perpetuating health and economic burdens.”

Read: “The crystal meth crisis: Addiction in America goes beyond opioids”