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Rutgers: Commemorates 400 Years of Inequality

In commemoration of 400 Years of Inequality, the Rutgers School of Public Health hosted “Reducing Youth Involvement with the Criminal Justice System,” alongside its community partners in Newark.

The event focused on discussing solutions to eliminate the ‘school-to-prison pipeline,’ specifically in New Jersey.  Speakers included those from Rutgers, the Newark public school system, and community-based organizations:

Mr. Akbar Cook, Sr.
West Side High School, Newark, NJ

Ms. Andrea McChristian
Director of Criminal Justice Reform Initiative
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

Ms. Laura Cohen
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law
Justice Virginia Long Scholar
Director, Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic
Rutgers Law School

Ms. Khaatim Sherrer El
Executive Director,
Policy & Advocacy, Newark Opportunity Youth Network

Mr. Robert Clarke
Chief Executive Officer and Founding Executive Director
YouthBuild Newark (YBN)

The School’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion led the conference.

“We decided to focus our half-day conference on youth involvement with the criminal justice system because it is a problem faced by so many young people in Newark and other cities across the state,” said Dr. Teri Lassiter, Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. “Students living in concentrated poverty face disparities in health, education, and employment. It is imperative that we focus on changing these disadvantages by developing opportunities to keep today’s youth out of the criminal justice system.”

Attendees included community leaders, social workers, nurses, educators, doctors, faith leaders, advocates, students and researchers.

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