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Member Research & Reports

Reno, Nevada: Researcher Examines Effects of Harm Minimization on Tobacco Control Efforts

Dr. Jennifer Pearson, an assistant professor for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Community Health Sciences recently published an article entitled “Harm Minimization and Tobacco Control: Reframing Societal Views of Nicotine Use to Rapidly Save Lives” that explores the implications of harm minimization on tobacco use and the health disparities associated with use of combusting tobacco products.  The study describes “harm minimization” as switching smokers of combusting tobacco products to less harmful alternatives such as e-cigarettes and Swedish snus.  Dr. Pearson and co-authors (Abrams, D.B., Glasser, A.M., Villanti, A.C., Collins, L.K., & Niaura, R.S.) predict that harm minimization paired with the existing tobacco control efforts will yield vast improvements on premature death rates and lives lost in tobacco users.

[Photo: Jennifer Pearson]

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