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Public Health Reports: Reconsidering the Number of Women With HIV Infection Who Give Birth Annually in the United States

In a recent study in Public Health Reports, Dr. Steven R. Nesheim, Ms. Lauren F. FitzHarris, Ms. Margaret A. Lampe, and Ms. Kristen Mahle Gray of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assess whether the 2006 estimate of the number of women with HIV giving birth in the U.S. is supported by current data. The number of infants born with HIV in 2015 is compared with data on interventions aimed at preventing perinatal HIV transmission. The annual number of deliveries among women living with HIV is also estimated and changes in the annual number of infants born to women living with HIV from 2007-2015 is assessed using 19 states that reported these data. Results indicate that the 2006 estimate regarding the annual number of women with HIV giving birth to infants in the U.S. is inconsistent with data from the past 5 years regarding the number of US-born infants with HIV. The authors conclude that comprehensive reporting of perinatal HIV exposure is needed for more accurate estimates.

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