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Public Health Reports: Existence, Distribution, and Characteristics of STD Clinics in the U.S., 2017

In a recent study in Public Health Reports, Drs. Beth E. Meyerson, Laura T. Haderxhanaj, M. Aaron Sayegh, Megan K. Simmons, and Mr. Gurprit Multani, Ms. Lindsey Naeyaert, and Ms. Audra Meador of Indiana University School of Public Health—Bloomington, Dr. Alissa Davis of Columbia University School of Social Work, and Dr. Hilary Reno and Dr. Bradley P. Stoner of Washington University in St. Louis studied the number, type, and distribution of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) clinics nationwide and described selected community characteristics associated with them.

A 2-phased, multilevel, online search was conducted from September 2014 to March 2015 and from May to October 2017 for the purpose of identifying STD clinics in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. Data on clinic name, address, contact information, and 340B funding status was obtained and clinics were classified by type. Secondary county-level data was also obtained. Results comprised 4079 STD clinics, which were classified into 10 types. Twelve states had an STD clinic in every county, and 34 states had 1 clinic per 100,000 population. Most STD clinics were located in areas of high chlamydia morbidity and where alternative needs were greatest. The authors concluded that this list may aid in more comprehensive national studies of clinic services, STD clinic adaptation to external policy changes, and long-term clinic survival, with special attention to clinic coverage in rural areas.

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