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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Pittsburgh Professor Receives HIV/AIDS Award

The Pittsburgh AIDS Task recently announced that it will present Dr. Anthony Silvestre, professor in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health’s department of infectious diseases and microbiology, with the Kerry Stoner Award at its 30th Annual Benefit in April.


[Photo: Dr. Anthony Silvestre]

The Kerry Stoner Award is presented annually to honor a person who has, through a longtime dedication to Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force’s mission, shown commitment to Kerry Stoner’s legacy and vision. Mr. Stoner, a tireless HIV/AIDS activist who died of complications from AIDS in 1993, was a founder and the first executive director of the PATF.

Dr. Silvestre has been a staple in the HIV community, with involvement in LGBT health and HIV prevention service and research since 1984. He has been an integral member of the Pitt Men’s Study – the Pittsburgh arm of the NIH-funded Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study – since the late 1980’s and was involved in the creation of the study’s first community advisory board that would lead to the creation of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force in 1985. To date Dr. Silvestre has recruited 4,000 people from the gay and bisexual communities to engage in the research.

He is also actively engaged in the HIV Prevention and Care Project, along with the Center for LGBT Wellness. Through prevention planning and implementation, he has dedicated much of his professional career to being a facilitator of change within socially marginalized communities, particularly those of racial/ethnic and sexual minorities. His involvement in the LGBT community extends nationally, advocating for services devoted to HIV, mental health and youth.

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