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PHR: Strategies for Hepatitis B and C Testing and Linkage to Care Webinar

Public Health Reports and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Surgeon General, would like to invite you and your colleagues to participate in an upcoming meet the author webinar entitled, Strategies for Hepatitis B and C Testing and Linkage to Care on October 5, from  2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern.  There is no cost to participate.

In alignment with the goals and priorities of CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis (DVH) Strategic Plan, 2016–2020: Bringing Together Science and Public-Health Practice for the Elimination of Viral Hepatitis, DVH works to assure early detection and response to stop transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) and to assure persons living with HBV and HCV are identified and linked to recommended care and treatment services.  Half of the persons living with HBV or HCV do not know they are infected. Only through testing and knowledge of infection status can persons infected with HBV or HCV receive the care and treatment needed to vastly improve their health outcomes. The presenters will discuss the strategies for hepatitis B and C testing and linkage to care.

Presenters for this webinar include: Dr. John W. Ward, director of the Division of Viral Hepatitis, and Dr. Aaron Harris, medical epidemiologist in the Division of Viral Hepatitis at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To learn more and to register for this webinar on October 5, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, click here to register. Please note there are only 1,001 spots available, and registration fills quickly.