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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Penn State: Global Health Exchange Program Expands

Penn State Public Health Sciences will kick off this year’s Global Health Exchange Program (GHEP) by expanding the educational experience. As part of this growing partnership between the Pennsylvania State University and international academic institutions, Penn State public health students complete international practicums or advanced field experiences abroad, while international students participate in an interactive learning opportunity in Hershey.

This summer marks the fourth year for the two-way exchange program, and GHEP Hershey is expanding from a two- to three-week program with the total number of students swelling to 19, including 14 international students.

In July, the Hershey campus will host students from Taiwan, China, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany and Bahrain. Meanwhile, five Public Health Sciences graduate students will also participate in GHEP.

While abroad, Penn State students gain an international perspective on health care systems while conducting international research. International students participating in GHEP Hershey, interact with public health experts, state and national legislators, as well and Penn State students and faculty. At the conclusion, students present final projects that address global health challenges.

“We are building an international network of global health professionals,” said Dr. Kristin Sznajder, assistant professor of the Department of Public Health Sciences and associate director of international initiatives. “Through the experiential learning offered in GHEP, students come together to develop a strong understanding of health challenges and diverse approaches to improving health with colleagues from around the world.”

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