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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Penn State DrPH Student Reviews Sulfur Amino Acids

Studies have examined the effects sulfur amino acids have on rodents’ metabolism and health, but there is less research available on how these amino acids can impact humans, particularly related to overall health and disease prevention. Ms. Zhen Dong, a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) student at Penn State College of Medicine, is helping to expand this knowledge base by examining whether a diet that restricts sulfur amino acids has similar health benefits in humans as it does in animals.

Ms. Dong’s review paper, Disease Prevention and Delayed Aging by Dietary Sulfur Amino Acid Restriction: Translational Implications, has been accepted for publication into The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. The paper provides an overview of the amino acids and reveals how restricting sulfur amino acids can impact animals in terms of increasing lifespan, altering metabolism, reducing incidents of cancer and cardio vascular disease and decreasing oxidative stress. Her review paper summarizes observations from epidemiological and disease-based clinical investigations of sulfur amino acids which provide insight into the potential effectiveness of restricting these acids in humans.

“The Penn State DrPH program awarded me the opportunity to work on this paper. My mentor, Dr. Richie, inspired me to stay focused on my research track. The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences is one of the oldest scientific journals in the United States, so it is an honor to be accepted into the publication,” said Ms. Dong.

This is an academic milestone for Ms. Dong and marks her first published review paper. The inclusion into The Annals is significant, because the academic journal has become one of the top-cited, multidisciplinary serials in the world.

“This review sets the stage for what could be an exciting new chapter in research on the health benefits and anti-aging properties of dietary sulfur amino acid restriction, and Ms. Zhen has done an outstanding job putting it all together,” said Dr. John Richie, professor of public health sciences and pharmacology at Penn State Cancer Institute.

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