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Member Research & Reports

Oregon/Portland Release New State Health Indicators Report: The State of Our Health 2015: Key Health Indicators for Oregonians

Childhood immunizations, income inequality, housing costs, teen pregnancies — these are just a sample of the indicators that “The State of Our Health” details to give an overview of the health of Oregonians.


The State of Our Health, updated every two years, provides a breakdown of health indicators by county and includes a comprehensive poster illustrating the differences across counties. The goal of the monograph is to help decision makers better understand the social determinants of health over a lifespan. These include social, environmental and physical factors that have an effect on an individual’s well being.

Trends for 2015:

Child Poverty: inched up during the recession but is now coming back down. Unfortunately, Oregon is currently twenty-seventh in state ranking — better than in 2012 (thirtieth).

Environmental Health: Oregon ranks best in the nation with the lowest number of days with bad air pollution.

The State of Our Health 2015 was developed as a useful resource for legislators, local leaders, and community health providers as they make decisions and pass legislation that impacts public health. The monograph was created through a collaborative effort by the Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University.

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