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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Ohio State Professor Honored by Academy of Management

Multiple honors have been bestowed on Ohio State’s College of Public Health professor Dr. Brian Hilligoss. The Health Care Management (HCM) Division of the Academy of Management recognized Hilligoss’ paper, which he presented at this year’s Academy of Management Annual meeting, with the “Best Theory to Practice” award. He was also elected academic-at-large by the HCM Division of the Academy Management.

[Photo:” Dr. Brian Hilligoss]

Dr. Hilligoss’ paper titled, “Aligning for Accountable Care: Strategic Practices for Change in Accountable Care Organizations?” was recognized by the HCM Review. This is not the first time his work has been recognized by HCM. In 2013 Hilligoss was recognized by HCM for HCM Division Outstanding Paper Based on a Dissertation.

“My colleagues and I conducted four case studies of accountable care organizations (ACOs), which are networks of health care providers who agree to be responsible for both the costs and quality of care for a defined population of potential patients,” said Dr. Hilligoss. “The ACO concept has been spreading as a result of health care reform, but we don’t yet know very much about this innovative organizational design. Our study looked closely at four ACOs that are showing early signs of success in controlling costs and improving quality of care. Our goal in the paper was to provide practicing health care managers with a set of practices that could help them in their efforts to transform their organizations and improve the value of health care, so it’s particularly gratifying to receive an award that acknowledges the practical value of our work.”

As an elected academic-at-large, Dr. Hilligoss is now a part of the HCM leadership team. The purpose of this leadership team “is to provide a forum for the presentation of research and to provide an opportunity for interaction among professionals with interests in research and practice of management in the health services industry.” Divisional member’s research include: the performance of health care workers and organizations, public policy issues, health care finance and marketing, and empirical or conceptual application of theory to the study of health care organizations.

“The academic-at-large serves as a judge for various paper awards, typically organizes a workshop at the annual meeting, and generally works to enhance the quality and quantity of research produced by members of the division. It’s a great honor to be able to serve the division in this capacity,” said Dr. Hilligoss.

HCM is a global enterprise that promotes the use of technology in the health care landscape as a way to maintain and transform relationships not only between doctors and patients but also between professionals across the greater health care field.