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Ohio State Biostatistics Professor Cited as Top Citation in Field

Being referenced in the realm of academia three hundred times is a worthy accomplishment. However, having that piece of work referentially cited more than 30,000 times is a record-breaking feat.

Stanley Lemeshow, PhD
[Photo: Dr. Stanley Lemeshow]

Despite the unlikelihood, this is exactly what happened to Ohio State College of Public Health’s Dr. Stanley Lemeshow. In 2013, the article “Trends in Citations to Books on Epidemiological and Statistical Methods in the Biomedical Literature” was published as an analysis of previously existing research in the field and what researchers found was incredible. Dr. Lemeshow, Ohio State professor of biostatistics and former Public Health dean, and his colleague, Dr. David Hosmer Jr., previous professor of biostatistics at Massachusetts University, are authors to the book, Applied Logistic Regression, which has the most citations and the highest annual rate of citations ever written in the field. Over the last 25 years, researchers have returned to this book repeatedly to support their arguments. In comparison, the second most cited piece of work was referenced roughly half as many times.

Dr. Lemeshow said that he and Dr. Hosmer were originally keeping track of their citations casually but had no idea that their work would rise to such esteemed reputation. “It was the first book written on the topic,” said Dr. Lemeshow. “We got really lucky by writing the right book at the right time.”