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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

NYU Professor Wins the 2017 APS Howland Medal Award

Dr. Michael L. Weitzman, professor of pediatrics and environmental medicine at NYU School of Medicine and professor of global public health at the NYU College of Global Public Health, is the proud recipient of the 2017 American Pediatric Society (APS) Howland Medal Award. The Howland Medal is the single most prestigious honor in US academic pediatrics.

The award was granted to Dr. Weitzman by the APS in recognition of his outstanding contributions to understanding the social and environmental determinants of child and family health problems, including preventive measures against such exposures.

Dr. Weitzman has served as the chief of the divisions of general pediatrics at two medical schools and chair of pediatrics at another while simultaneously serving as director of parent and child health services for the city of Boston and leading multiple federally-funded fellowship programs in academic general pediatrics and pediatric primary care.

He also was a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Robert Wood Johnson Academic Generalist Faculty Scholars Program and has mentored more than 100 individuals from pediatrics and countless other child-health related fields.

Dr. Weitzman has served on both the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Child Environmental Health Committee and its Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and in an advisory capacity to the Federal Bureau of Maternal and Child Health.

Dr. Weitzman’s tobacco-related research and advocacy efforts over the last 25 years have been integral to the recognition of the adverse effects of prenatal tobacco and childhood secondhand smoke exposure and the involvement of the pediatric community in activities aimed at reducing such exposures. With adolescent tobacco use constantly evolving, his contributions at the local and federal levels have focused more on the epidemiology and toxicologic effects of hookah and e-cigarette use. This research is being carried out further in the U.S., Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Slovakia.

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