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Northwestern: Study Indicates ECMH Enhances Primary Care Education for Students

Students who participated in the Education Centered Medical Home (ECMH) program — a four-year, team based clerkship that provides care to underserved populations — experienced superior primary care training compared to a traditional clerkship model, according to a study recently published in Academic Medicine.

Led by Dr. Daniel Evans, assistant professor of medical education and of medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, the study suggests that graduating ECMH students are more prepared to practice in team-based, collaborative and patient-centered health care settings than students who do not.

“ECMH is generating more interest in community, in taking care of vulnerable patients, and I think we’re going to generate better quality primary care docs or specialists who have more understanding of what high quality primary care looks like,” Dr. Evans said. “I think they’re going to be more patient-centered because they’re actually seeing what happens to some of these patients that fall through the cracks and they’re going to be better teachers because they’ve had a lot of experience doing peer teaching and mentoring.”

Unsatisfied with the lack of longitudinal care offered in traditional clinical rotational programs, Dr. Evans established the ECMH program as a pilot project in 2011. The goal of ECMH is two-fold: to provide continuous, primary care to underserved and diverse patient populations, and to help students better understand chronic conditions in a variety of clinical settings.

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