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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Northwestern: Faculty Appointed as Affiliate Researchers For International Evaluation Center

Drs. Leah C. Neubauer and Gregory Phillips have been officially announced as Affiliate Researchers of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) at the University of Illinois, College of Education.

Drs. Neubauer and Phillips have established themselves as leaders in culturally responsive evaluation and assessment in public health settings. Dr. Neubauer is a recognized leader in culturally responsive evaluation training and education across the U.S., Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique, and has been instrumental in supporting the integration of Latinx critical theory and voices into evaluation practice. As head of the Evaluation Center, Dr. Phillips has established himself as a leader in the inclusion of  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (or questioning) and others (LGBTQ+) voices and a proponent of LGBTQ+ cultural competency in the field of evaluation. In their roles, both will advocate and lead the advancement of evaluation scholarship and practice to promote health equity on the local, national, and global scales.