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Member Research & Reports

Nevada, Reno: Member Assesses Biostatistical models for Assessing Human Exposures to Chemical Substances

Recently, Dr. Dingsheng Li, an assistant professor of Biostatistics for the School of Community Health Sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno published an article entitled “Advancements in Life Cycle Human Exposure and Toxicity Characterization”.  Within the article, Dr. Li and co-authors discuss methods of assessment of toxicity outcomes of human exposure to chemical substances.  The Life Cycle Initiative hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme selected this topic and identified two major issues that emerged from the task force workshops including considering near-field exposures and improving dose-response modeling.

In addition to this article, Dr. Li’s research focuses primarily on exposure assessment, risk assessment, life cycle assessment, and physiology based pharmacokinetic modeling.

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