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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Nevada, Reno: HIV/AIDS Class Participates in Service Learning and Community Outreach

This summer, a University of Nevada, Reno School of Community Health Sciences (SCHS) HIV/AIDS class took service-learning up a notch by delivering hygiene supplies, condoms, and Narcan/Naloxone kits to the local homeless every Thursday throughout the semester.

Service-learning uses experiential learning techniques by taking what students learn in the classroom and applying it in the field with assistance and direction from community partners. Ms. Melanie Flores, long-time course instructor, states one of her purposes for turning this class into a service-learning experience was to inspire the new generation of HIV/AIDS advocates and leaders. “What’s neat is that many of the agency coordinators helping my class were once students themselves in this very same class!”  Ms. Flores states proudly. CHS alumni coordinators include Mr. Mitch Bautista, Community Health Worker from Access for Community & Cultural Education
Programs & Training (ACCEPT) and Mr. Nathan Militante, Health Educator in the Sexual Health Program in Washoe County Health District (WCHD).

The class has also been working with CHS Alumni, Ms. Sherrie Sherk-Olson, and teaching assistant, Ms. Nana Boateng, on Hygiene Drive events to help raise more supplies for area partners for their continued homeless outreach after the class ends.

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