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Partner News

National Prevention Strategy

The Mississippi State Department of Health is working to foster healthy community environments that can promote active livinghealthy eating, and tobacco free living, as recommended in the National Prevention Strategy. Through the Mississippi Delta Health Collaborative (MDHC), it offers technical assistance to support municipal and county leaders in identifying opportunities to promote health in rural settings. Prominent local officials who champion public health, such as Mayors, have energized local stakeholders in the cause for healthier communities.

Visit the MDHC website or read the Mississippi State Department of Health profile to learn more.

Interact for Health used the National Prevention Strategy to guide a shift from its previous grantmaking and technical assistance work, which was focused on improving access to quality healthcare, to a new comprehensive approach to community health. The organization drew from NPS recommendations in healthy eating, active living, tobacco free living, preventing drug abuse and excessive alcohol use, and mental and emotional wellbeing during its strategic planning phase, enabling it to move swiftly to the implementation phase.

To read about other organizations advancing the National Prevention Strategy across the country, go to the Surgeon General’s website at To receive email updates, submit your email address at this link, and to connect with them on twitter, follow @Surgeon_General.