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Monthly Briefing

Monthly Briefing

July 2015 Monthly Briefing

The Bottom Line

  • The House and Senate Appropriations Committees in late June approved differing versions of the fiscal year 2016 Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill.
  • The bills provide major increases for the National Institutes of Health: +$1 Billion in the House version, +$2 Billion in the Senate measure.
  • The House would eliminate the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, while the Senate would cuts the agency’s budget by 35 percent.
  • ASPPH’s legislative priorities fared well, with funding provided for most of our priority accounts.

What's New

House and Senate Appropriations Committees Approve FY 2016 Spending Bills

For the first time in six years, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have passed bills appropriating funds for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education.  The fiscal year 2016 spending bills are each $3.6 billion below last year’s enacted bill and $14.5 billion below the President’s request.  During the committee mark-ups appropriators of both parties called for a new budget deal that lifts the current budget spending caps. The full House is expected to consider the bill later this summer.  The Senate is unlikely to bring the bill to the floor. Eventually, a conference committee will try to reconcile the two bills, with or without a new spending agreement.

Attached is a table detailing the status of ASPPH’s advocacy priorities.


National Institutes of Health

FY 2016      House             $31.184B     (+$1.1B)

FY 2016      Senate            $32.184B     (+$2.1B)

FY 2016      Request          $31.084B     (+$1B)

FY 2015      Enacted          $30.084B

House Highlights:

Senate Highlights:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

FY 2016      House               $7.065B     (+$128M)

FY 2016      Senate              $6.820B     (-$245M)

FY 2016      Request            $7.065B     (+$128M)

FY 2015      Enacted            $6.925B

House Highlights:

Senate Highlights:

Health Resources Services Administration

FY 2016      House               $6.049B     (-$299M)

FY 2016      Senate              summary chart not yet available

FY 2016      Request            $6.462B     (+$115M)

FY 2015      Enacted            $6.347B

House Highlights:

Senate Highlights:

Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research

FY 2016      House                  $0             (-$363M)

FY 2016      Senate                 $236M     (-$128M)

FY 2016      Request               $363M     (same)

FY 2015      Enacted               $363M

House Highlights:

Senate Highlights:

Other Items of Interest

House Highlights:

Senate Highlights:

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Congressional action on the fiscal year 2016 appropriations bills has begun in earnest. On April 22, the House Appropriations Committee approved, on a straight party line vote, the fiscal year 2016 budget allocations to its 12 subcommittees. For the Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Subcommittee, the allocation for discretionary programs is $153.050 billion in budget authority ($156.193 B in outlays), a reduction of $3.713 B (or 2.37 percent) from last year. As has become normal, the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill is expected to be the last (and most difficult to pass) of the appropriations bill.

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President Obama released his proposed fiscal year 2016 budget on February 2. He is proposing $31.3B for NIH, a $1B increase or +3.3%. For the CDC, he is proposing $11.5B, an increase of $250M or +2.2%. The budget proposal would level fund the HRSA Public Health Training Centers and the CDC Prevention Research Centers. The President would not fund the Public Health Traineeships, the Academic Centers for Public Health Preparedness, and the NIOSH Education and Research and Agricultural Forestry and Fishing Centers. The budget proposes a 25% increase for the NIH Office of Disease Prevention to enhance its activities implementing its Strategic Plan (+$2 million to $9.91 million).

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December 2014 Monthly Briefing

President Obama on December 16th signed into law the omnibus fiscal year 2015 appropriations bill to fund most federal agencies until September 30, 2015. Congress has given final approval to the measure on December 13th. All of the ASPPH’s priority accounts were level funded. The agreement provides a total of $5.3 billion in Ebola emergency spending, of which $2.742 billion goes to HHS agencies, including $1.771 billion to the CDC.

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