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Minnesota: Understanding Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health During International Travel

A recent University of Minnesota School of Public Health study looked at the ways through which international travel may increase sexual and reproductive health risks for women and identified issues, such as difficulty obtaining quality birth control and more. 

The study, led by postdoctoral researcher Dr. Summer Martins, was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior

The researchers focused on young (18-29) women attending a Midwestern university. They studied women involved in sexual relationships with male partners given their risk of both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STIs). Researchers conducted face-to-face interviews with 41 female students with recent or upcoming international travel. 

The interviews revealed details including:

“International travel encompasses a diverse range of environments that are not universally risky when it comes to sexual and reproductive health,” said Dr. Martins. “However, young women should be prepared for the challenges they may encounter and we think that health care providers have a key role to play.”

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