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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Minnesota: Neumark-Sztainer Receives Major Leadership Award from Academy of Eating Disorders

University of Minnesota School of Public Health professor Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer received the Leadership Award for Clinical, Administrative or Educational Service from the Academy of Eating Disorders at its recent international conference in New York in March. Dr. Neumark-Sztainer earned the award for her numerous contributions to the field of eating disorders, particularly for bridging the fields of public health and eating disorders with her research and advocacy, as well as for her dedication to training many students, post-doctoral fellows, and young investigators working in the field.

“We make a difference through engaging in meaningful research and outreach with the goals of preventing or reducing eating disorders,” said Dr. Neumark-Sztainer during her acceptance speech. “However, the biggest impact may come, not from our work, but through the training of the generations of professionals to come. I have been so honored to work with students, trainees, and young investigators who are bright, caring, passionate and are leading the future. We see a new bold group stepping forward who are not afraid to take on tough issues, such as prevention and weight stigma.”

In 2010, Dr. Neumark-Sztainer received the Leadership in Research Award from the Academy her research contributions to the field of eating disorders.

Dr. Neumark-Sztainer is head of the school’s Division of Epidemiology and Community Health where she researches the prevention and reduction of weight-related problems, including obesity, poor dietary intake, inadequate physical activity, disordered eating behaviors, and body dissatisfaction.