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Member Research & Reports

Maryland Publishes 2016 Presidential Election Guide to Family-Relevant Issues

Family-relevant issues are a critical component of the major presidential candidates’ platforms, and have been some of the most hotly-debated topics during the election season. In an effort to inform voters about where candidates stand on such issues, family policy doctoral students in the Department of Family Science at the University of Maryland School of Public Health compiled a non-partisan Presidential Election Guide using the latest information from candidate websites, the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services, among other sources.

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Simple columns of bullet-pointed facts compare candidate views on an array of domestic, social, and health policy issues that affect families in the United States. Topics include gun control, health care, immigration, LGBTQ rights, veterans health, criminal justice, and women’s health, among others.

Doctoral student Laura Golojuch compiled the election guide for dissemination through the University of Maryland Council on Family Relations, a student chapter of the National Council on Family Relations, and the Maryland Family Policy Impact Seminar.

“It’s so important to be informed on the issues, especially in this chaotic election season. We wanted to present the candidates’ platforms on family-related matters so that individuals can make the best decision for themselves and their loved ones,” Ms. Golojuch said.

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