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Faculty & Staff Honors

Maryland Professor Selected to Contribute to WHO Report on Aflatoxin and Cancer

The director of the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) has invited Dr. Paul C. Turner, assistant professor in the University of Maryland School of Public Health, to contribute to an upcoming IARC Working Group Report on measures to reduce liver cancer from aflatoxins in developing countries. Dr. Turner, a faculty member in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health, is an international expert on the subject, having produced more than 50 publications to date. He will take part in an expert committee to evaluate scientific evidence and provide a set of clear, concise, and focused messages to help policymakers, international organizations, and funders take action to reduce and prevent exposure to these naturally occurring dietary toxins.



[Photo: Dr. Paul C. Turner]

Aflatoxins, naturally occurring fungal carcinogens that contaminate grain (particularly maize and groundnuts) in tropical regions, are the second leading cause of liver cancer globally. Approximately 4.5 billion persons live in locations that are at risk for aflatoxin exposure. The IARC Working Group Report is expected to be titled “Aflatoxin Control Measures: A Basis for Improved Health in Developing Countries”.