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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Maryland Kinesiology Chair Named President-elect of National Academy of Kinesiology

Dr. Bradley Hatfield, professor and chair of the department of kinesiology and associate dean for faculty affairs in the University of Maryland School of Public Health was elected by the National Academy of Kinesiology as the president-elect of the 86 year-old organization. Dr. Hatfield, over the next three years, will lead the prestigious organization whose focus has broadened since its inception to study and promote the “art and science of human movement and physical activity.” With only 550 members in the nine decades since it was founded, the organization has become one of the few multidisciplinary organizations that are able to draw on such a wide range of scholarship. Each member is recognized as having made a substantial impact on the field of kinesiology over the last nine decades.

Dr. Hatfield, an alumnus of the Pennsylvania State University, holds adjunct appointments in the University of Maryland’s interdisciplinary Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences program, the Center on Aging, and an appointment in the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland campus in Baltimore. These appointments, along with his research focus on brain dynamics underlying cognitive-motor performance and the impact of physical activity on neurocognitive performance have afforded Dr. Hatfield a unique perspective about the future of kinesiology and his aims as president-elect of the NAK. Kinesiology, he says, is a broad landscape and has the potential for cross-collaboration with many fields and engaging with the continuing emergence of technology as a partner in human performance.

Dr. Hatfield also sees the important role kinesiology can play in continuing to promote physical activity across the nation and exploring how physical activity can play a role in the physical and mental development of children.