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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Maryland: Dean Boris Lushniak Honored by American Academy of Dermatology

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recognized University of Maryland School of Public Health dean, Dr. Boris Lushniak, with its annual Dr. Clarence S. Livingood, Memorial Award and Lectureship this year.

As part of the award, Dr. Lushniak delivered a lecture at the organization’s annual meeting, which was held in Washington, DC, this month. His presentation, titled “I Acted and Behold, Service Was a Joy,” introduced leadership, service and public health work as antidotes to the epidemic of physician burnout.

“My goal with this lectureship was to provide an alternative to that burnout, which is to not just do your job but to find a way to serve others,” Dr. Lushniak said.

Dr. Lushniak encouraged physicians to serve others by engaging in public health projects like the AAD’s SPOTme program, which offers free skin cancer screenings.

In speaking on service, Dr. Lushniak also reflected on his own experience working in public health, both in academia and in the federal government, where he served as Acting Surgeon General.

The Livingood lectureship is presented each year by an expert who can speak on the “broader issues of dermatology,” including organizational, socioeconomic or ethical issues. The award committee considers not just physicians but also health policy experts, medical ethicists, philosophers, theologians and others with relevant expertise.

Dr. Lushniak presented his lecture during the annual meeting’s plenary session on Sunday, March 3.