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School & Program Updates

Maryland: Center for Health Equity Submits “Health in All Policies” Report to Maryland General Assembly

The University of Maryland School of Public Health’s Center for Health Equity (M-CHE), in partnership with a group of Maryland lawmakers, helped to pass a 2017 “Health in All Policies” law to engage M-CHE in leading a workgroup to advise state and local legislators on how to integrate health considerations into policymaking across all sectors.  

The workgroup presented their final report and recommendations to the General Assembly earlier this fall. Recommendations include creating a Council, developing a toolkit with a reference guide and establishing data-sharing between state agencies, among others.

The legislation was sponsored by Maryland State Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, a long-time advocate for health equity in Maryland, who announced her retirement Sunday, citing health issues. 

“The workgroup was the first step, the foundation, for a statewide Health in All Policies model,” said Mr. Wesley Queen, a senior staff member at the School of Public Health. 

For over a year, Mr. Queen and professor, Dr. Stephen Thomas, director of M-CHE,  in cooperation with agencies across Maryland, led the workgroup in examining the health of Maryland residents and identifying ways for state and local government to collaboratively implement policies with a positive impact on the health of state residents. 

Lawmakers could have a chance to vote on whether to implement the workgroup’s recommendations as soon as the next session, which runs from January 8 to April 6, 2020.

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