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Faculty & Staff Honors

Louisville Faculty Receive Funding to Lead National Research Site to Solve Health Care Challenges

University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences department of health management and systems sciences professor and chair Dr. Christopher E. Johnson, along with Dr. J’Aime Jennings, assistant professor, will serve as site directors for the Louisville-based Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT), a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center program.

Louisville’s selection as a CHOT site includes a three-year agreement of up to $500,000 per-year in funding from the NSF and industry partners to support the implementation of evidence-based strategies within health care organizations.

“CHOT members are working to solve health care challenges three to five years ahead of the rest of the industry – we are trying to project into the future the direction of health care. Interdisciplinary applied research will be the catalyst for solving problems and making changes,” said Johnson.

Potential projects include interventions for those facing opioid addictions and the role of behavioral health in helping individuals secure employment; analyzing readmission in the long-term care population; using health information technology to improve access to services; and evaluating use of artificial intelligence as a diagnostic tool.

Louisville joins Florida Atlantic University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Penn State University, Texas A&M University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Nottingham and University of Washington as a university site. Nationally, the multi-site center is involved in 13 projects with 23 industry members from diverse settings such as health systems/providers, retail, technology companies, associations, government agencies and insurers.

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