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Louisville Faculty Publishes on Smoking and Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy

Dr. Anne Baber Wallis, an associate professor in the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Science’s department of epidemiology and population health, is the senior author on a study that published recently in the Journal of Community Health that examined smoking and smoking cessation during pregnancy. This cross-sectional analysis of study data focused on factors related to smoking and quitting to better target interventions among pregnant women.

According to Dr. Wallis, Romania has among the highest rates of smoking in the world. This study recruited women from six hospital-based prenatal care clinics in Romania. Approximately 2,300 women in total were followed from pregnancy through delivery.

At the time of pregnancy, 28 percent of the women in this study smoked; half of those quit by the time of the interview. They study revealed those who quit had higher overall socioeconomic position, were more likely to be urban, reported less generalized anxiety, and had more social support.

This is the first publication from the MAIA project, a five-year study funded by the Romanian Ministry of Education via funds from the European Union, the European Science Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.

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