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Member Research & Reports

Kentucky Researcher Evaluates Complementary Use of PrEP and Condoms for HIV Prevention among MSM

Dr. Richard A. Crosby, Endowed Professor of Health, Behavior & Society, University Kentucky College of Public Health, is the author of “Dealing with pre-exposure prophylaxis-associated condom migration: changing the paradigm for men who have sex with men,” published in the journal Sexual Health.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is quickly becoming a mainstay of HIV prevention among high-risk populations. Uptake and adherence issues among targeted populations are well-known, however a third behavioral obstacle has emerged: perceived protection from one method of prevention (PrEP) may preclude or reduce the use of a second prevention method (condoms).

[Photo: Dr. Richard Crosby]

Dr. Crosby’s study focuses on men who have sex with men (MSM), noting that “[t]he crisis among MSM is severe and the corresponding health disparity for MSM is becoming larger, especially for minority MSM.” Beyond HIV prevention, Crosby notes the importance of condom use in preventing STI transmission and states that “Re-conceptualizing PrEP as a complementary tool in the AIDS pandemic rather than a singular one is imperative.”

The open-access full text of the article is available online.