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Kentucky: Post-Acquisition Processing Produces Disparities in MRIs for Aging Research

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a common research tool for investigators who seek to understand human aging. But even when research sites use identical or near-identical MRI acquisition techniques, they often produce results that demonstrate significant variability in the volumetric quantification of white matter hyperintensities (WMH) in the brain. This is problematic for researchers who seek to compare data across large populations.

To better understand how and why these disparities in WMH quantification emerge, a group of investigators at the University of Kentucky and the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging undertook new research to identify sources-of-variability in post-acquisition processing that can be problematic when comparing volumetric data of WMH across disparate MRI sites.

Dr. Erin Abner, associate professor of epidemiology, and Dr. Shani Bardach, research assistant professor of gerontology at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, are among the co-authors of “Brain Volumetric Quantification of White Matter Hyperintensities”, published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Dr. Ahmed A. Bahrani of UK Biomedical Engineering is the first author, and Dr. Gregory A. Jicha, UK Neurology, is the corresponding author.

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