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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Kentucky: Faculty Press Community Members to Conserve Healthcare Resources During Pandemic

Dr. Kathleen Winter, assistant professor of epidemiology in the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, and Dr. Steven Buck, assistant professor of Agricultural Economics in the UK College of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, have a message for the people of Kentucky: we must work together to keep our healthcare system functioning through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We must stay home and conserve healthcare resources to fight COVID-1, emphasize Drs. Winter and Buck.

“This crisis is global, but the impact is local. These are our doctors and nurses that are being put at risk and our hospitals that are feeling overwhelmed. This puts all Kentuckians at greater risk. We each need to do our part to lessen the burden of an over-stressed healthcare system so that those among us — neighbors, friends and family — who are most in need of critical care can receive it. By taking individual actions to stay home when healthy or sick, we will help reduce the overall burden in the community. This is how Kentucky flattens the curve.”

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