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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Johns Hopkins Researcher Wins W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Medical Research Award

Dr. Anthony K. L. Leung, an associate professor in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s department of biochemistry and molecular biology, has been awarded a W.W. Smith Charitable Research Award.

For its Medical Research Award, the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust selects promising researchers in the areas of heart disease, cancer and AIDS who have the potential to attract the National Institutes of Health or other large funding organizations after the Trust’s support.

Dr. Leung is a molecular biologist whose research focus is oncology. He specializes in developing and utilizing novel techniques in ADP-ribosylation and RNA biology. He will use the $100,000 W.W. Smith Award to continue his research into dissecting the role of ADP-ribosylation signaling in breast cancer. His research is seeking to discover a way to combat resistance to Tamoxifen, the most prescribed hormone therapy to treat estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Up to one-third of candidates are resistance to Tamoxifen and up to 40 percent develop a resistance. Dr. Leung has a joint appointment in the department of oncology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.