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Member Research & Reports

Johns Hopkins: Report – In Support of Family Caregivers: A Snapshot of Five States

A report written by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health gives insights into five states that have advanced policies and programs that support family caregivers.

This report, co-sponsored by The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Milbank Memorial Fund, describes what some states are doing — both with federal investments and state innovation — so that interested states can jump-start or learn from these efforts. The five states included in the report are Washington, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

The authors — Ms. Jennifer Aufill, doctoral student Ms. Julia Burgdorf, and Dr. Jennifer Wolff of the Bloomberg School’s Roger C. Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care in the department of health policy and management — identify common themes across these geographically and politically diverse states that state policymakers may consider as they attempt to support family caregivers.

As the report notes, important similarities were found in the motivation and approach of all five states in their work in support of family caregiving.

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