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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Johns Hopkins: Lancet Paper Co-Authored by Alumni Featured on NPR

A recent Lancet paper co-authored by two alumni of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was featured in a recent NPR Goats and Soda article, “Why Are Health Care Providers Slapping and Yelling at Mothers During Childbirth?” The paper, co-authored by Dr. Ozge Tuncalp and Dr. Meghan Bohren, examined mistreatment of women during childbirth in four countries (Ghana, Guinea, Myanmar, and Nigeria) and found that more than a third experienced mistreatment and were particularly vulnerable around the time of birth. Women who were younger and less educated were most at risk, suggesting inequalities in how women are treated during childbirth.

Dr. Tuncalp, a scientist in the department of reproductive health and research at the World Health Organization, received her PhD from the Bloomberg School in 2012. Dr. Bohren, a senior lecturer at University of Melbourne, received her DrPH in 2016 and her MPH in 2012 from the Bloomberg School. 

Dr. Bohren told Goats and Soda: “One of things we found is that when adolescent girls are using maternity services, some providers are making judgments about their sexuality. A common report we hear is of providers saying something like, ‘Were you yelling like that when you made this baby?'”

The Lancet paper, “How women are treated during facility-based childbirth in four countries: a cross-sectional study with labour observations and community-based surveys,” is available online.

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