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Faculty & Staff Honors

Johns Hopkins: Faculty to Co-Lead Project on Integrating Refugees into National Health Systems

Faculty in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s department of international health received an award from a consortium of UK funders, through the Joint Health Systems Research Initiative, to co-lead a project on integrating refugees into national health systems. The project, which is being led by the American University of Beirut in Lebanon (AUB) – Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), Graduate Public Health Program, will examine how refugee health services are integrated into the host country’s national health system in Jordan, Lebanon, and Uganda.

Professor Fadi El-Jardali from the health management and policy department of the FHS at AUB is leading the project, entitled Integrating Refugees into National Health Systems: Enhancing Equity and Strengthening Sustainable Health Services for All. Dr. Sara Bennett and Dr. Paul Spiegel, both of the Bloomberg School, are co-leads. Dr. Bennett is professor and director of the Bloomberg School’s international health department’s Health Systems Program. Dr. Spiegel is professor of the practice and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health.

With numbers of displaced persons reaching a global high of 70.8 million, there is a need for innovative approaches to health care for refugee populations. The project aims to address the evidence gap in this area and will focus on integration, examining the extent to which a host country provides equal access to health services and facilities to refugees and national populations, and how these arrangements have come about. The study will focus on Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon and South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. All three countries have integrated refugees into their health system; however, their approaches differ widely.

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