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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health and The Lancet Launch the Humanitarian Health Digest

The Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health and The Lancet this month published the first issue of the Humanitarian Health Digest, a quarterly bibliography of the latest published, peer-reviewed journal articles on humanitarian health work. The inaugural issue of peer-reviewed papers includes commentaries on the need for palliative care for Syrian refugees in Jordan and continued assistance for Palestinian refugees.

The Digest will provide links to primary research and systematic reviews sourced from a variety of journals, divided into three main categories: conflict and forced migration, natural disasters, and technological disasters like Chernobyl. The Digest debuts at time when the world is facing some of the most dire humanitarian crises in decades, challenging those working in the field to think of new ways to deal with increasingly complex situations.

“The United Nations predicts that more than 128 million people across the world will need humanitarian assistance and protection,” said Dr. Paul Spiegel, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health. “Giving humanitarian health workers a resource for the latest learnings in their area of specialization could greatly benefit the people they are trying to help.”

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