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School & Program Updates

Johns Hopkins: Center for Communication Programs (CCP) Combats Crib Deaths in Baltimore

Over six weeks starting in December, six babies in Baltimore City died as they slept. In response to these recent deaths, the Center for Communication Programs (CCP), based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, developed a new social media campaign and toolkit: #NotOneMoreBaltimore to raise awareness about safe sleep.

Since the end of 2009, CCP has worked with the Baltimore City Health Department and many other partners on a safe sleep program as part of B’more for Healthy Babies (BHB). That year, a record number of babies, 27, died in their sleep. BHB uses a combination of community outreach, provider education, mass media and policy support to decrease the number of sleep-related deaths in the city.

CCP leads the communication component of the project, using research and proven frameworks to develop messages about the safest ways to protect babies as they sleep. The messages have been on billboards, in doctors’ offices and hospitals, on television and on the side of city buses.

As part of its recent response, CCP asked the many partners of B’more for Healthy Babies to use the hashtag and reinforce the importance of safe sleep on their social media channels.

At the same time, B’more for Healthy Babies has sent emails to 800 health care providers in the city and letters to every hospital and pediatric clinic reminding them to reinforce how simple it is to prevent sleep-related infant deaths.

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