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Johns Hopkins: American Health Podcast – Five-Part Series on Suicide Prevention

The latest podcast from American Health Podcast, created by the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, a project of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is a series focused on suicide prevention as part of September’s National Suicide Prevention Month.

American suicide rates are at their highest point in 50 years, a level many experts have called a suicide crisis.

The podcast series includes:

Part 1: Understanding Suicide Rates and Risks looks at recent changes in U.S. suicide rates and the importance of increased awareness and understanding of suicide.

Part 2: Suicide Rates On the Rise in the Latinx Community discusses suicide among Latinx living in the U.S., and features a school-based program in Baltimore that is supporting Latinx adolescents.

Part 3: Helping Youth Build Resilience and Avoid Suicide examines the rising teen suicide rate and features a school-based training program that enables youth to develop skills that can help them avoid suicide.

Part 4: Clinicians’ Key Role in Screening for Suicide Risk discusses resources available to help doctors and nurses screen for suicide risk among their patients.

Part 5: Extreme Risk Protection Orders looks at ERPOs — extreme risk protection orders that prevent gun purchases by persons determined to be at risk of violence — and how access to guns impacts suicide rates.

The Bloomberg American Health Initiative works to tackle some of the country’s most pressing public health challenges: addiction and overdose, environmental challenges, obesity and the food system, risks to adolescent health, and violence.

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